Knowledge and creativity

Knowledge is one of the keys to creativity. - Fotolia 110870775

While babies are developing in the womb, learning begins through their five senses, including what’s happening around mum in her outside world. Creation is the foundation of life and it doesn’t finish once we are born. In fact our cells are renewing and recreating every minute of the day, so it’s fair to say creation is an ongoing process until the day we die.

Not only are the cells of our body recreating themselves, but the knowledge we gain about our immediate environment and the bigger world is also growing. Creation is the most natural process of our world and has been since time began. Humans gain knowledge every minute of every day. We are wired to learn. It is how we grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. We create the path of our life, leading us through many experiences to the day we leave this world physically. It is on this journey that each of us creates our own experiences and reacts to them in our own unique way.

As we gather knowledge about our world every day, our brain stores it away for future reference. Our brain knows there will be challenges for us in the future that require solutions. When the time comes to search for a solution to a problem our imagination first calls on our knowledge bank to see what resources are already there. The more knowledge and experiences we have stored away, the easier it is to create a solution.

The earlier we expose our children to different experiences the more knowledge resources they will store away for the future. Whenever possible, make it a priority to take your children out to places where their senses are going to be awakened to new taste sensations, feel new textures, hear new and interesting sounds, and see myriad shapes and colours while interacting with different types of people, plants and animals. These are the ingredients that make up a fertile brain. We need these resources feeding the imagination to create new and novel ideas that shape our world to move it forward in its evolution.

Knowledge is a key to creativity and the way to set it in motion is to be motivated with a positive attitude that is open to exploring new ideas.

Attitude + Imagination + Knowledge = Explosion of new ideas.

What can you do today to increase your knowledge and give your creativity a boost? I’d love to hear from you, thank you for leaving a message below.

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