Creativity is key to our survival.

Hi to all of my wonderful followers who are seeking to find their unique creative frequency. You have come to the right place to get help to find authenticity and living your life purpose.

This is my first attempt at using video. The great guys at Skyjellyfish helped me put this together. There’s more work for me to do as I get used to working in front of the camera. This is further development of my creative process, by learning new skills. So here I am ready to take you on a journey into the future where our planet needs all the creative minds it can get to find solutions to problems like global warming, food shortages, disease eradication, displaced communities because of flooding, pollution of our waterways and destruction of sea life because of the plastics found in waterways and our oceans.

It is the plastics problem that I am finding most difficult to understand why it has gotten out of hand so quickly. Obviously it is because we don’t have the answers yet for this terrible blight on our planet. Already there are five plastic gyres in our oceans, and they continue to grow daily. We are slowly choking our planet and killing off our bird and sea life. The amount of plastic trash in our seas is alarming.

We created all our plastic products from oil, now we have to find a way to deconstruct them, whether that be by ceasing production of plastics and recycling what is already being used, or finding a way that enables the plastic to naturally break down. There are many people working towards finding a solution to clean up this mess. I salute their efforts and I hope they will find solutions to this enormous problem. I know future generations are going to say to my generation, “What were you thinking?” All I can say is, “Yes, what were we thinking, when we didn’t foresee the consequence of using plastics?”

Nobody can deny the benefits of using plastic in our every day life. Plastic is convenient for long-term storage and carrying our possessions around; given us our computer keyboards and printers; wiring and cabling; furniture and a whole lot more consumer items that would take me several hours to list here. Can the people who created plastic find a solution to recycle them?

You get the picture. We need creative minds working on the solutions to these problems. While people are concerned a lot of jobs are being taken over by robots, I feel it is a positive turn, enabling those people to find meaning for their lives, by taking up the opportunity to explore their unique creativity and use it for the survival of humanity.

The survival of our planet relies on minds that can think outside the average band-with. Creativity is key to developing concepts and ideas that will move us toward a sustainable future where every single, living organism on this planet has the right to life in a clean, safe and unpolluted world.

Go here to Plastic Ocean to learn how devastating this problem is:

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