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Cherry Blossoms Osaka, Japan April 2014 © Noela Cowell

Cherry Blossoms Osaka, Japan April 2014 © Noela Cowell

It's Friday and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a little brain dead this afternoon. The fan is blowing hot air at me, and all I feel like doing is falling asleep. This blog is the last thing to do on my to-do list this week and I'm feeling relieved the week is over.

I think I’m living in La-La Land. Are you living in La-la Land? I've asked it because right now I feel I am living my own version of La-la Land.

Am I feeling creative at the moment? No. I feel as though I am wading through viscous goo and it's going to take me all afternoon to get through it and writing this blog. In other words, I'm finding it really hard to find my state of awareness.

Being aware means being conscious of where you are and about what you are doing. It's about living in the moment, absorbing and understanding what's happening around you. I am tired so my sense of awareness is weak. 

Tiredness isn't the only barrier to weaken your awareness. Imagination can cloud your awareness, too. Imagination is a good thing. However, if you are trying to take in your surroundings to be focussed and allowing your senses to do the work of absorbing your surroundings, your imagination might just have to take a back seat for a little while.

It's easy to get distracted by your imagination. It's okay to be distracted every now and then, but choose your moments carefully or you could miss a special moment. Here is how easy it can happen. Let's say we are on holiday in Japan, during the cherry blossom festival. When I saw cherry blossoms for the first time, I cried. I don't know if you have ever seen cherry blossoms, but when I first saw them my heart stopped. The soft, pink, fragile petals and the little black dots at the tips of the stamens stirred what seemed like a long forgotten memory for me. It was an emotional moment that I am so glad to have experienced with full awareness. If I had seen those precious blossoms in my present state, they would not have had the same impact. I now have an amazing memory to draw on when I want to write a story in Japan. My awareness was so acute it will be there forever.

Back then though the fragile beauty of those little flowers that only last a few days after blooming impacted me deeply. Their short life made me aware that life for some living plants and animals is fleeting and for them not to live with awareness they might miss the important moments for them.

When you are out and about, be aware of your surroundings as much as possible. Absorb the atmosphere through all of your senses and draw the energy that feeds your unique creativity.

Likewise, if you aren't aware and present in an important meeting you may miss a crucial point that could have the consequence of making or breaking a deal. Think back to a time where you wished you had been present and more aware of a situation. Think about those events and how they impacted a later decision you made. Would you have done something different had you been living with awareness? Don't miss another opportunity. Take your awareness on holiday with you and be enriched. Take your awareness to the meeting and never miss an opportunity again.

Living in La-La Land can be good for us, but it can be dangerous, too. Living with awareness in your relationships encourages the people you are with to be aware of the moment, too. Much can be shared in these moments and it's good for your relationship.

Being aware ties in with observation. You are looking at the cherry blossom and you are drawing in information about it for future reference.

Are you aware this Friday, or are you like me, tired after a busy week? I'd love to hear from you.


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